Scarf Care

How to Take Care of a Silk Scarf

Care Guidelines

Silk is a natural protein fibre so never store your scarf in a damp area instead place your item in the gift box to extend the scarf longevity and protect the appearance. Please do not use mothballs because they will give the scarf unpleasant odour. As an alternative, you may want to use natural lavender sachets that repel moths. Another storing option is to hang your silk scarf, but be sure that the area where you hang the scarf is clean, dry, and airy.

When Wearing a Silk Scarf

Substances containing alcohol will damage the silk so it is best to let your perfume, hairspray etc dry before wearing the scarf.

Wrinkle Removal Guidelines

If you need to get rid of creases on your silk scarf, never iron when dry. Before ironing, make sure that the scarf is damp but do not spot damp, as this could create watermarks. Iron on the reverse side and never use high heat when ironing rather set your iron to ‘cool or silk’ whichever applies. Steaming the item once dry will help enhance the sheen of the silk.

Cleaning Guidelines

This silk scarf is dry clean only but if for any reason you need to dry the scarf avoid drying in direct sunlight, exposure to sunlight for a long period of time will damage and cause the colour to fade. Do not use chlorine bleach to clean silk this will damage the fabric.

Travel Guidelines

Pack your silk scarf as you would any other fashion item. After unpacking, hang the scarf which should take away the wrinkles overnight. Should any remain hang your scarf in the bathroom during a shower. The humidity should remove the wrinkles.

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